The Rose Library has been shaped and strengthened through the generosity of thousands of individuals who, through the decades, have generously supported the library. We cannot realize our potential without the support of individuals, corporations, and foundations willing to invest in the Library's future. Funds donated to the collection endowments will create a lasting legacy for generations of future researchers and visitors. 

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  • MARBL Fund for Excellence
  • Literary Collections Fund
  • African American Collections Fund
  • MARBL Political and Historical Collections
  • MARBL LGBT Collections Fund

For more information about financial contributions, please contact Erin Horeni-Ogle, Director of Advancement, Emory Libraries at or 404.727.5386.

If you are considering making a donation of manuscript or book materials, please contact Erin Horeni-Ogle, Director of Advancement, Emory Libraries at or 404.727.5386.

There are many factors to take into consideration, both personal and legal, before making a contribution to an archival institution. To learn more about what it means to donate, please visit the Society of American Archivists guides for donating personal and family collections or organizational records.

Rose Library staff may not provide appraisals of the monetary value of materials. Appraisers do charge for their services, and fees vary. Qualified appraisers can be located through the following sources: