J. Herman Blake and Emily L. Moore Award

The J. Herman Blake and Emily L. Moore Award for Research in Black Panther Party (BPP) related collections provides funding for researchers to explore the Rose Library's holdings related to the organization's founding in 1966, and the impact it had on American race relations, especially the social, economic, and political status of African Americans. Materials related to co-founders Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, as well as prominent members such as Kathleen and Eldridge Cleaver, and Elaine Brown, are readily accessible. The Rose Library BBP holdings include posters, broadsides, ephemeral materials, photographs, and sound recordings. Stipend up to $500 annually.

Fellowship applications are evaluated based on the following criteria: (1) the qualifications of the candidate; (2) a clearly articulated research topic; and (3) a demonstrated understanding of the research materials available in the Rose Library to support their work. Equal weight is given to each of these three aspects in determining the final priority rating.

Applications will be accepted annually through February, with award notifications emailed to recipients in early April. 

Important Information for International Fellows:

Please familiarize yourself with the appropriate visa type for your desired length of stay at the Rose Library. Fellows coming to the Rose Library on a  standard tourist or business visa (VWT/VT or VB) may NOT stay at the Rose Library for any period beyond 9 working days. Should you extend your research visit beyond this allocation, you will NOT be eligible to receive any form of payment for  your visit. International researchers with a J1 visa may extend their stay beyond 9 working days. For more information, please consult your U.S. Consulate or the Emory Office of International Student and Scholar Programs well in advance of your planned trip.

It is our preference to award international fellows with payment in the form of travel accommodations booked through the Rose Library liaison,Rhonda Wynter. Once you have received and accepted a fellowship award, please contact Rhonda at rhonda.wynter@emory.edu to make arrangements for your lodging or flight. In the event that an international fellow cannot book travel through Emory, please contact Rhonda as early as possible in advance of your trip for the appropriate forms for reimbursement.