Short-Term Fellowships

The Rose Library offers short-term fellowships to support scholarly use of the Library's research collections in five strategic areas:

  • English-language literature
  • The Raymond Danowski Poetry Library
  • African American history and culture
  • Southern history and culture
  • Modern politics

The Rose Library short-term research fellowships have a value of $500-$1000 and are meant to help defray expenses in traveling to and residing in Atlanta for the duration of the fellowship. The length of the fellowship will depend on the applicant's research proposal, but is normally two to four weeks. International applicants please refer to the additional information for international fellows included below.

Fellowship applications are evaluated based on the following criteria: (1) the qualifications of the candidate; (2) a clearly articulated research topic; and (3) a demonstrated understanding of the research materials available in the Rose Library to support their work. Equal weight is given to each of these three aspects in determining the final priority rating.

For more information on The Rose Library's collecting areas, click here.

Applications will be accepted annually from September 1 through February 15, with award decisions mailed to recipients in early April. 

Important Information for International Fellows:

Please familiarize yourself with the appropriate visa type for your desired length of stay at the Rose Library. Fellows coming to the Rose Library on a  standard tourist or business visa (VWT/VT or VB) may NOT stay at the Rose Library for any period beyond 9 working days. Should you extend your research visit beyond this allocation, you will NOT be eligible to receive any form of payment for  your visit. International researchers with a J1 visa may extend their stay beyond 9 working days. For more information, please consult your U.S. Consulate or the Emory Office of International Student and Scholar Programs well in advance of your planned trip.

It is our preference to award international fellows with payment in the form of travel accommodations booked through the Rose Library's liaison, Rhonda Wynter. Once you have received and accepted a fellowship award, please contact Rhonda at to make arrangements for your lodging or flight. In the event that an international fellow cannot book travel through Emory, please contact Rhonda as early as possible in advance of your trip for the appropriate forms for reimbursement